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moveosafety gives the most advanced technology,
the most complex testing methods and
the most innovative materials serving motorcycle protection.

Outdoor Test with neck brace system

For the development of an efficient motorcycle protection device, it is essential to afford testing under the real conditions foreseen for the motorcycle driver.

Beeing MOTORCYCLE PROTECTION, our worry, our tests go beyond the configurations set up by the standards, useful as reference, but, in our opinion, insufficient in some cases, missing in some other cases. This is the point for the MOVEO Neck BRACE, system for which homologation standard does not exist.

MOVEO Safety has tried to reproduce these additional situations (higher impact velocities, new configurations and orientations,etc) by means of simplified, controlled, and highly instrumented testing.

Car-motorcycle Test. Moveo Neck Brace Reference Center for impact testing of motorcycle drivers.

For the experimental evaluation of MOVEO Safety products, we use the labs and testing tracks from Fundación CIDAUT, Reference Center in Europe in the research of systems and products focused in motorcycle driver's protection, supported by several European initiatives, and by the Official certification of his testing tracks.

Development test with neck brace motocross Tests specifically adapted to the different products.

To fulfill the performance evaluation of the MOVEO Safety products, our engineers develop specific tests to match the kinematics of real accidents.

Searching the edge of the different injury mechanisms and checking the improvement of the result when using our products.

Dummy used for design neck brace system Dummies family.

To get testing as similar as possible to real cases, we use anthropomorphic dummies (Hybrid III and BioRID II), highly instrumented.

These dummies, besides to reproduce size and weight of a standard human body, movements, and reactions, they are able to record mechanical parameters thanks to sensors installed on them.