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moveobrace shows a design focused in the daily use,
with a comfort and integration possibilities never seen before,
without sacrificing the highest levels on motorcycle protection.


MOVEO Neck BRACE helps to reduce neck injuries, both by excessive rotation as per load transfer, that is why it is the definitive answer to the expectations and needs of bikers and motorcycle users.

This asseveration is made after years of research in accidentology and biomechanical studies, to understand in depth what neck injuries are, and how are they produced.

And to prove all the above, MOVEO Neck BRACE has fulfilled the most demanding experimental testing never carried-out before on this kind of products:

  • Direct impact on helmet
  • Direct impact on thorax
  • Multiaxial impacts:
    • Impact testing of a motorcycle driver against barrier (UNE 135900)
    • Motorcycle-against-car impact testing (ISO 13232)
  • CE Certificate (Directive 89/686/EEC)
Biomechanical Criteria

Moveo Neck Brace limits the rotation of the head and the forces supported by the neck, aspects studied using biomechanical criteria based on forces (Fx y Fz), flexion-extension Moments (Mcoy), or specific criteria for the neck (Normalized Neck Injury Criterion (Nij) o Neck Criterion Rear Impact (Nkm), among others.

The best motorcycle protection levels with MOVEO BRACE

Moveo Neck Brace achieves a reduction of 30% in Hiperextension values when testing a direct impact on helmet, and an overall reduction of about 20% in injurie values when testing against protection barriers.

Highly instrumented testing

Complex testing methods based in anthropomorphic dummies (Hybrid III and BioRID II) and advanced instrumentation have made possible to record, study, evaluate and optimize the performance of the system.

Damage Control in neck brace system Control of excessive load transfer

Moveo Neck Brace is focused in the reduction of cervical injuries by controlling excessive load transfer, thank to breaklines included in the rear part of the brace, then limiting forces over backbone.

Mechanisms of damage in neck.Motorcycle protection Neck injuries

The Moveo Neck Brace works reducing the injuries originated by compression, hiperflexion, hiperextension, whiplash, excessive rotation, or by shear forces on top of the neck.

Design tools of moveo neck brace Virtual simulation. The other reality

Thanks to the most advanced simulation methodologies of Finite Elements, different design alternatives have been evaluated, as well as impact situations and materials. Delivering a neck brace of top quality and strength.