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MoveoBrace Concept II
  MoveoBrace Concept II

MoveoBrace Concept II

MoveoBrace Concept II

MoveoBrace Concept II

MoveoBrace Concept II

MoveoBrace Concept II

MoveoBrace Concept II

  •         DESCRIPTION
  • Description | Technical Specifications      TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

Moveobrace CONCEPT II has a completely new back part with a lower side profile, for a better compatible with the rest of protections and bulkier helmets.

The new brace has two new zones for adjusting the size of the brace, which together with the side adjustment system (like rest of our moveobraces) makes the new brace is more comfortable and versatile.

Two frontal paddings that the user can remove for adjusting the size on the chest and other two paddings in the shoulders for adjusting the lateral "profile".

And one new special system to move the rear column without swapping parts or adding elements, adjusting the brace if the rider used or not of back protector or different equipment in each moment.

Thanks to the new design, it is possible to "fold" the column in the rear part, this neck brace takes up much less space for storage and transport.

· Weight:
- 615 g

· Materials:
- Frames: Fiberglass reinforced polyamide
- Coating: Vinyl with decoration, EVA Foam in lower padding
- Hinges (FHD Technology): elastomeric PP
- Adjustment system Chest - Shoulder: EVA Foams with Utramate by Velcro
- Mechanisms and moving systems: POM

· Sizes:
- Range of use: Chest contour from 80 up to 125 cm
- Integrated size regulation system. Changing parts is not needed
- 4 sizes

· Elements included in the pack:
- Moveo Neck Brace Concept-II
- Instruction manual
- Bag to preserve the Moveo Neck Brace
- TF-Strap
- Kit adjustment system Chest - Shoulder
- Allen tool to adjust different sizes.

moveobrace Concept II
Neck brace
285.0 € (VAT Included)
Single size, adjustable

Concept-II CE Type Approval Certificate