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moveosafety gives the most advanced technology,
the most complex testing methods and
the most innovative materials serving motorcycle protection.

Neck brace system development

MOVEO Safety products are the result of a complex design process carried out in different stages:

1. Observation and analysis of the environment in which the motorcycle driver acts, finding out his needs (accidentology, biomechanics, ergonomics, mobility requirements…)

2. Development of proposals to solve such needs, with an important focus in the reliability of the solutions (design, behaviour simulation, functional analysis…)

3. Prototype execution giving form to the first ideas (materials, samples, reduced testing…)

4. Evaluation of the design in order to check the level of satisfaction delivered by the product (real size testing, injury threshold, safety standards…)

Design tool of neck brace system Virtual simulation.

Innovation through the use of the most advanced calculation tools is the base of an efficient development.

The use of CAE tools during the design process of our products lets MOVEO Safety offer the best products in the market in terms of protection, comfort and style.

Neck brace system design studies Advanced accidentology.

To understand the roots of the problem is key for the achievement of the best solution.

A deep analysis of the accidents, including the collaboration of medical specialists, let us find the most effective solution for every particular case.