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moveosafety gives the most advanced technology,
the most complex testing methods and
the most innovative materials serving motorcycle protection.

Materials Characterization of neck brace

One of the most challenging tasks in every product development is the right identification of materials for his composition.

Inside MOVEO Safety, this activity IS NOT only a selection among generic materials, but a combination of efforts searching the most adequate material identification in terms of system efficiency: functionality, durability, protection, weight...

To obtain the maximum efficiency of a material, it is necessary to know its intrinsic behaviour. Therefore, during the whole design and material identification process, MOVEO Safety subjects every material to an intensive process of mechanical, microstructural, and rheological characterization both at static and dynamic levels.

Composites used in neck brace system AMC. Advanced Composites.

AMC technology (Advanced Multilayer Composite) is based in the utilization of several layers of reinforcing material (carbon fiber fabric, aramid (kevlar) and glass), agglutinated with epoxi resins, which allows MOVEO Safety to deliver products with the highest stiffness and load transfer capabilities, with the lowest possible weight.

The neck brace elastomer Elastomers. The base of the FHD technology.

These materials show a good balance between elastomeric behaviour (flexibility) and mechanical and wear strength.

Utilization of materials based on properly modified polypropylene (PP), are the base of the FHD technology (Flexible Hinge Design) used in the Moveo neck Brace.

Foams of neck brace system ERF. Vanguard Foams.

MOVEO Safety employs the ERF (Evolution Reticular Foam) material portfolio, technology specifically orientated to our products, based in crosslinked composites processed by injection.

ERF materials stand out by their low density, high resistance and durability, and null water uptake.

Materials of the armors in neck brace motocross Reinforced Thermoplastics

Structural components of MOVEO Safety products are produced in thermoplastic materials reinforced with fibers, highlighting the use of different polyamides reinforced with carbon fiber and fiberglass, depending on the model.

This kind of materials are known by their strength, hardness, wear resistance and good chemical resistance to solvents.

Materials of the mechanisms in neck brace motocross POM. Material used for the mechanisms.

To secure the proper performance of the mechanisms, MOVEO Safety employs polioximethylen (POM) mainly due to his high rigidity, tenacity, geometrical stability, surface hardness and low friction coefficient, providing outstanding wear resistance and optimum durability.

Joint system of neck brace ULTRA-MATE® by VELCRO® brand

For the quick coupling solutions, MOVEO Safety relies on the most advanced technology in this field, ULTRA-MATE® by VELCRO® brand.

This technology is based on thousands of plastic hooks molded accordingly our needs, providing an outstanding fastening.