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moveobrace shows a design focused in the daily use,
with a comfort and integration possibilities never seen before,
without sacrificing the highest levels on motorcycle protection.

Moveo Neck Brace attached to a jacket

MOVEO Neck BRACE is the only neck brace din the market giving the possibility to get coupled with any jacket in a simple way. Coupling with the jacket by means of velcro and/or straps provides high comfort to the user, and mobility in a daily use.

The special design of the ancillary harness TF-Strap (Tehcnical Fabric Strap) and the frontal section of the neck brace, lets you access to the interior of the jacket simply disconnecting the frontal locking and opening the zip of your jacket.

MOVEO Neck BRACE moves with you and your clothing.

Summary neck brace system integration Several options for coupling

Moveo Neck Brace is developed to be compatible with several ways of coupling with your jacket.

You can choose yourself whatever you like the most and better fits to you.

Every solution will give a different integration level.

Attachment system of neck brace motocross TF-Strap y Elastic Strap

More than this, Moveo Neck Brace has two types of auxiliary harness (TF-Strap and Elastic Strap) that allows your daily commuting or an off-road trip (motocross, adventure tours, mountain-bike) without needing the coupling with your clothes (included in the pack).

User manual of TF-Strap
User manual of Elastic Strap

Velcro Attachment system of neck brace motocrosss Coupling with VELCRO® brand fasteners

This kind of quick coupling permits a temporary connection of the Moveo neck Brace with the clothes.

The KIT of VELCRO® brand fasteners has a "hook" part that you must glue to the protector in the foreseen cavities, and a "loop" part that you must stitch to the jacket, facing similar patterns.

Moveo jacket strap kit Moveo jacket strap kit

Set of 5 straps with Velcro to connect moveobrace with clothes. The straps must be sewn to the jacket, thus Moveo Brace will be firmly attached to the jacket.