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These are the most frequent questions over
moveobrace. If you have any other query,
please contact

can be used in every sport in which a Helmet is needed
Most of back protectors are geometrically compatible with MOVEO Brace
we are currently working to market different colors
¿Can I use MOVEO Brace in other sports, apart from motorcycles?
MOVEO Brace can be used in every sport in which a Helmet is needed: mountain bike downhill, ski, BMX, karting, motorcycle off-road activities, boat racing, etc.
¿How can I know the adequate size of my MOVEO Brace?
¿Why MOVEO Brace has not passed homologation testing?
Nowadays, a specific homologation standard does not exist for this kind of products, but MOVEO SAFETY has spent an important amount of resources making different impact testing in order to verify the performance of the MOVEO Brace in the event of an accident (impact testing over the helmet, hit testing, impact testing car-motorcycle and impact testing motorcycle driver - road barrier). More info in Protection.
¿May I purchase separate parts of MOVEO Brace, if dirty or broken?
Yes of course, just contact to let us know what part do you exactly need.
¿Can I choose a different color for the foam than those shown in your web?
We are currently working to market different colors, but if you are interested in some specific one just let us know, we will do our best to give you the best solution.
¿There is any MOVEO Brace lower size?
At this moment, there is only one size for the MOVEO Brace, but we keep working in a new model to cover this need.
¿Can I use MOVEO Brace without coupling (no strap, no velcro,..)?
We highly recommend to use some kind of attachment to body or clothing.
¿Do I need the frontal locking of the MOVEO Brace when coupled to my jacket with velcro or straps?
We understand that the system is friendly enough to be used every time. But this is the only one case on which the MOVEO Brace could be used without closing the frontal locking.
¿It is possible to use MOVEO Brace with every back protector?
Most of back protectors are geometrically compatible with MOVEO Brace, but check before purchasing any back protector, anyway. Just in case, check that the removal of the rear foam part of the MOVEO Brace overcomes any geometrical interference between both protection devices.
¿Is MOVEO Brace compatible with chest protectors in the market?
MOVEO Brace has not been specifically developed to get coupled to chest protectors, but it is compatible with some; bring your MOVEO Brace to your usual Store and check before purchasing.
¿When must I change my MOVEO Brace?
It is always recommended to change your neck protector after an accident, egardless its appearance or integrity assessment.
¿Which is the best way to clean my MOVEO Brace?
Thanks to the microstructure of the foam used to cover the MOVEO Brace (closed cell foam), it does not take water, so you can easily clean it with just water and mild soap.