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moveobrace shows a design focused in the daily use,
with a comfort and integration possibilities never seen before,
without sacrificing the highest levels on motorcycle protection.

Dynamic view of neck brace system

MOVEO Neck BRACE is a neck brace simple in his form, therefore light, manageable and allows freedom of movement.

His small design, mainly in the frontal area, permits an easy monitoring of the board panel and other elements near you, as well as to turn your head in freedom in roundabouts and crossings.

Thanks to the design solutions implemented, this neck brace shows a high versatility and adaptability, been able to fit different sizes of the user and be compatible with other motorcycle protection.

On top, especial care has been put into detail, with the possibility to "custom" the neck protector with different colors (please advise).

Compatibility neck brace with back protector Compatible with back protection

Moveo Neck Brace is designed to be compatible with the vast majority of back protection products. To do so, an easy dismounting of the lower foam part lets you adjust your Moveo Neck Brace to your usual clothing.

Size versatile in neck brace motocross Several sizes in a single product

Moveo Neck Brace fits different sizes, easily and without additional elements. Simply putting the adjustment screw into the desired size position.

Carbon fabric in moveo neck brace Carbon The best materials

In Moveo Neck Brace the most advanced materials have been employed, in order to achieve the best performances on comfort and stiffness. With the spotlight on the carbon Composites of the Carbon version, the elastomeric materials employed in the FHD technology, the ERF foams and the plastics reinforced with fiberglass and carbon employed in the rest of structural parts.

Design clavicle area in neck brace system Biomechanicly thought

For the functional design of the Moveo Neck Brace, the internal movement of the bones and muscles of the human body have been taken into account, which allows raising arms and shoulders without changing the relative position of the Moveo Neck Brace with the helmet.

More than this, it does not transmit effort directly to the clavicle, reducing the possibility of fracture in the case of an accident.