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moveobrace shows a design focused in the daily use,
with a comfort and integration possibilities never seen before,
without sacrificing the highest levels on motorcycle protection.

Versatile opening of the neck brace

MOVEO Neck BRACE is born with the aim of protect users both in their daily commuting, as in their racing, motocross, or adventure activities.

To get this motorcycle protection effective, it has to be given by a simple, light device, able to be fitted without noticing the user, and without restriction of any common movement, both standing as driving.

The special design of the hinge, based in the FHDtechnology (Flexible Hinge Design) allows the movement of the front parts over the rear part of the neck brace in a natural way, adapting the manners of every user.

His mínimum weight and his balance over the body of the user, allows to travel long distances without feeling tired.

Flexibility of Movement

The FHD technology will allow every natural movement (raising arms, turn your head, open your jacket, remove your Moveo Neck Brace together with your jacket, access to the internal pockets in a simple way, etc), without needing to remove your helmet or gloves.

Higne zoom of moveo neck brace Low weight equals comfort

The utilization of the most appropriated technical materials has helped to achieve a final weight lower than market average; 723g for the Carbon version, and 795g for the Dynamic version.

Proven durability of the FHD technology

The elements of the hinge have been tested to fulfill the needs and requirements of every user, beating by far 20.000 cycles in the fatigue tests carried out.

Moveo Neck brace accommodates to the body Comfort based in ergonomic studies

This neck brace has been developed taking into account human phisiognomy and his movements. This design has been accompanied with the selection of the most appropriate materials to obtain the freedom of movement shown in the final product.