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moveobrace believes in the innovation potential
of simple things, developed from the beginning
with high technical background, and illusion.

Facility when we have developed the Moveo neck brace

MOVEO Safety is born with a clear objective to develop efficient products providing maximum MOTORCYCLE PROTECTION, without subtracting comfort and maneuverability. The MOVEO Neck BRACE is the first of these products.

Our mission is the research, development and improvement in the field of motorcycle protection, with the goal of becoming a reference in protection products for motorcycle users, and sports in general. But we are also focusing in comfort improvement, ergonomics, ease of handling, etc.

Even being a young Company, MOVEO Safety is composed by professionals with important background in research, product development and innovation, together with their passion for motor sports and speed.

Our products are the result of working values based in:

  • Investigation of the problems to be solved, user needs, and potential requirements of the product.

  • Utilization of the most advanced technologies available nowadays (virtual simulation with finite elements, highly instrumented testing, the most sophisticated dummies, etc.)

  • To be at the forefront of material knowledge and his performance.

  • To make simplified testing at real scale in order to evaluate and optimize products based on experimental parameters.
Neck brace support development team