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moveobrace, der erste nackenschutz entworfen für die tägliche verwendung

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Der Sicherheitsgrad beim Benutzen des Nackenschutzes wird gezeigt

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Hugo Arriazu (Masters of Dirt Vienna 2012)

Hi my friends, thanks to care of me and help me with all yours words. Thanks to TROY LEE, RXR and MOVEO because if haven't this material probably I could not be here.

Marcelo Gutierrez (Panamericanos 2013)

In the past Panamerican Championship in Argentina, I suffered the hardest crash of my life. No kidding, I was affraid as never before. Until that moment I never had lost conscience and never had hit the floor with my head that hard. Just because of this, every time I refer to that moment I have to thank the good job done by my MOVEO.
Really, to get short in the connecting jump I tried, and leave the bike forward to crash head-on to the floor, makes me more aware of the job done by my protector there. Looking at the helmet, my two broken teeth, my two broken fingers, my lost of conscience, I think it was really worthy to wear a good protector.

Salvo Pennisi (Head of Pirelli Motorcycle Tire Testing Departm)

Yesterday I had a severe crash during a testing session of off road tyre development. Unfortunately I crashed to a wall after sliding on front and the impact on the wall at the side of the off road path it was quite strong. The support of the Moveo brace it was 100% the raison of the total absence of severe injury on my neck. Thank you very much.

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